The joy of juice A formula for feeling good

Once a day, you’ll want to enjoy the exotically tasty, enormously beneficial fruit drink formulated to enrich your diet with antioxidants to fight the effects of aging and contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

Seven fruits and organic stevia are packed into every tasty 2.5-oz. serving. Just pour it down the hatch to invigorate your body with vitamins, minerals and fruit-filled flavor. Unlike any other health drink, VitaV features baobab pulp from the African “tree of life” to deliver nutrients, fiber, and an abundance antioxidant power to promote your health.

Inside Vita-VWhat's inside Vita-V


To Your Health

An insanely potent blend of all-natural super fruit juices, VitaV is formulated to give your body the daily dose
of antioxidants it needs to combat free radicals and perform at its peak.


Vita-V Ingredients

  • banana banana
  • mangosteen mangosteen
  • pomegranate pomegranate
  • baobab baobab
  • pear pear
  • acai Acai